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  Lhasa Apsos are Long Haired dogs and Require Regular Grooming

Pin brush, wide comb, fine comb, knitting needle,

grooming scissors, spray bottle.

Grooming spray should be used each time the dog is groomed.

The dog is to be laid on its side on a grooming table and the hair is then pushed up over its back.  Begin brushing at the belly in layers of about 1 inch deep from under the forelegs to the hind legs.  Continue by brushing another 1-inch deep layer of hair down, spraying each layer as you go until one side is completed.  The same method is used on the legs. Turn the dog over and repeat on the other side. 

The dog must be groomed thoroughly before being bathed.  Use a good quality dog shampoo and cream rinse.  Towel  dry and then blow-dry on warm.  Lay dog on its side on the grooming table.  Begin blow drying, starting at the lower belly, and working your way upward. Continue brushing as you dry, the same as when you are grooming the dog before bathing. 

When you are done, part the dogs’ hair from the tip of its nose to the base of its tail.  Use the knitting needle to make a straight line.  Barrettes or latex bands can be used to keep the dogs hair out of its eye’s. 

The hair between the pads must be kept trimmed, and the nails must also be trimmed regularly.  Trimming 1~inch around the anus  helps to prevent  fecal accumulation.


Hints to make your Grooming Easier

Once a day lay your puppy on his side.  Doing this on your lap is good to begin with.  Gently brush or comb your pup even if he does not need it.  It is an excellent way to train him to lie still while you groom.  Turn him on his other side and do the same.  Now turn him on his back and comb or brush his belly and chest. 

Be firm with him if he resists but never  hit him. He may not like it at first but with time he will and you will have a much easier time grooming.  His underside is very important to keep groomed as it may mat easily, and mats that are left restrict air circulation to the skin and cause sores.  Speak in a firm voice saying NO when he struggles to get away. 

If his nails and pads do not need trimming then gently but firmly massage and handle his feet.  Daily grooming your puppy will make him more relaxed being on his back.

 Remember to praise him immediately when he stays still (even for a few seconds).  Say GOOD BOY in a high-pitched voice.  Handling his feet and getting him use to being touched and lying down when you want him to, will also help when you take him to the veterinarians for examinations or treatment.

DO NOT hit your dog.  Speaking in a firm loud voice saying NO is much better.  You do not want him to fear your hand or you.


Grooming spray: Available at your local pet supply store or mix 1 part dog                   conditioner to eight parts water and add 1 cap full of Alpha Keri Bath Oil           

Shampoo / Rinse: Available at your local pet supply store do not use humans   shampoo and rinse.

Brush: Pin brush (without nail type head)

Comb: Metal with wide and narrow teeth




Lhasa Lore by: Sally Ann Vervaeke-Helf

The New Complete Lhasa Apso by:Norman and Carolyn Herbel

Dog Owner’s Home Veterinary Handbook by: Delbert G. CarlsonD.V.M., and

                                                                  James M. Giffin, M.D.