The Yard


The little Lhasa sits and waits,†††††††††††††††††††

The mighty wind does blow,

The leaves are tossed around the yard,

For hours, heaven knows.


The little Lhasa watches

For her master soon to come,

Protecting home and hearth from

Every new unwanted one.


She listens and she watches,

Never letting down her guard,

Checking every nook and cranny

In the ever moving yard.


Author: Karen Whitty





The Puppy


Born at six ounces looking so sweet,

Born with two eyes two ears and four feet,

Growing like wild flowers out in the field,

Learning each day bout the world and its feel.


By four weeks itís moving around on all fours,

Searching each corner, the den and much more.


By six it is eating mashed food that is warm,

Yet still counting on mommy to keep it from harm.


By eight it is steady on all four little paws,

Its jumping and playing, and using its claws.


By ten it is time to be moving along,

To a loving new family, where it soon will belong.


Leaving its mother, playmates and kin,

To start a new life with its family of friends.


Author:Karen Whitty



The Lhasa Apso


Bred to be loyal,

Loving and giving,

They add so much,

To our daily living.


Black marble eyes,

And a coal black nose,

Bright pink tongue,

And a heart of gold,


Long flowing coat,

The reaches for the ground,

And more than enough,

Love to go around.


Prancing about,

Like theyíre on parade,

The most precious dogs,

That were ever made.


Author: Karen Whitty




With hair so long and flowing,

Blowing gently in the wind,

The Lhasa runs and plays around,

And sometimes stops and spins.


Itís fun to watch our Lhasas,

Playing freely in the yard,

And to know that theyíll protect us,

For their forever on their guard.


They have come from great beginnings,

Traveling to us from Tibet.

Where the wind blows cold and lonely,

And they were very honored pets.


Never sold but always given,

To special people to the lama,

They were treasured and yes pampered,

Precious little ones from Lhasa.


So take care and love our Lhasas,

Treat them with respect and love,

Donít abuse them or misuse them,

They were sent from up above.


Author: Karen Whitty