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  swollen mouth, tongue pain, sore lips  
Chrysanthemum Arrowhead vine  
Creeping fig Boston ivy  
Poinsettia Colodium  
Pot mum Drunk Cane  
Spider mum Emerald Duke  
Weeping fig Ivy  
  Marble Queen  
  Philodendron (Split leaf)  
  Philodendron (Heart leaf)  
  Philodendron (Saddle leaf)  
  Red Princess  
TOXIC PLANTS causing vomiting, abdominal OUTDOOR PLANTS  
pain, cramps, tremors, heart & respiratory with Toxic effects  
and/or kidney problems causing vomiting & diarrhea  
Amaryllis Bittersweet Woody  
Asparagus fern Castor bean  
Azalea Daffodil  
Bird of Paradise Delphinium  
Creeping Charlie Fox Glove  
Crown of Thorns Ground Cherry  
Elephant ears Indian Tobacco  
Global Ivy Indian Turnip  
Heart Ivy Larkspur  
Jerusalem Cherry Poke Weed  
Needlepoint Ivy Skunk Cabbage  
Ripple Ivy Soap Berry  
Sprangeri Fern Wisteria  
Umbrella Plant    
TREES & SHRUBS which may produce OUTDOOR PLANTS with varied TOXIC EFFECTS  
vomiting, abdominal pain & diarrhea    
American Yew Angel's Trumpet  
Apricot, Almond Buttercup  
Balsam pear Dologeton  
Black Locust Dutchman's breeches  
Buckeye Jasmine  
English Holly Jimson weed  
English Yew Loco weed  
Horse Chestnut Lupine  
Japanese plum Matrimony vine  
Mock Orange May apple  
Monkey Pod Mescal bean  
Peach, cherry Moonseed  
Privet Mushrooms  
Rain Tree Nightshade  
Western Yew Pig Weed  
Wild cherry Poison Hemlock  
  Sunburned potatoes  
  Tomato vine  
  Water Hemlock  
Marijuana China Berry  
Morning Glory Coriaria  
Nutmeg Moonweed  
Periwinkle Nux Vomica  
Peyote Water Hemlock  
Aloe Vera Janet Craig Dracaena  
Apple (seeds) Japanese Show Lily  
Apple Leaf Croton Kalanchoe  
Apricot (pit) Lacy Tree Philodendron  
Autumn Crocus Lily of the Valley  
Baby's Breath Madagascar Dragon Tree  
Branching Ivy Mexican Breadfruit  
Buddhist Pine Miniature Croton  
Caladium Mistletoe (berries)  
Calla Lily Mother-in-Law's Tongue  
Ceriman Nephytis  
Charming Dieffenbachia Oleander  
Cherry (seeds & wilting leaves) Onion  
Chinese Evergreen Oriental Lily  
Cineraria Peace Lily  
Clematis Peach (wilting leaves & pits)  
Cordatum Pencil Cactus  
Corn Plant Plumosa Fern  
Croton Poison Ivy  
Cuban Laurel Poison Oak  
Cutleaf Philodendron Pothos  
Cycads Precatory Bean  
Cyclamen Primrose  
Devil's Ivy Red Emerald  
Dieffenbachia Red-Margined Dracaena  
Dracaena Palm Rhododendron  
Dragon Tree Ribbon Plant  
Dumb Cane Sago Palm  
Easter Lily Satin Pothos  
Elaine Schefflera  
Emerald Feather Silver Pothos  
Eucalyptus Spotted Dumb Cane  
Fiddle-leaf Fig String of Pearls  
Florida Beauty Striped Dracaena  
Fruit Salad Plant Sweetheart Ivy  
Geranium Swiss Cheese Plant  
German Ivy Taro Vine  
Giant Dumb Cane Tiger Lily (green fruit,stem & leaves)  
Glacier Ivy Tree Philodendron  
Gold Dust Dracaena Tropic Snow Dieffenbachia  
Golden Pothos Yew  
Hahn's Self-Branching Ivy    
Heartland Philodendron    
Hurricane Plant    
Indian Rubber Plant    
Alocasia Daphne
Amaryllis (bulb) Death Camas (bulb)
Andromeda Eggplant (not fruit)
Appleseed (cyanide) Elderberry
Arrowgrass (bulb) Fava Bean (seed)
Avocado (seed) Finger Cherry (fruit)
Bleeding Heart Hemlock
Boxwood Holly (berries)
Buckeye (seed) Hyacinth (bulb)
Calamondin Orange Hydrangea
Chokecherry Japanese Yew
Christmas Rose Jonquil (bulb)
Climbing Lily Laburnum
Corn (cornstalk) Plant Manchineel (root)
Corydalis Medicine Plant
Crotalaria (seed) Monkshood
Cycad Narcissus (bulb)