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How much thought have you put into

the decision to adopt a puppy or dog?





* You have probably already considered the expense of purchasing a dog.  Buying the necessities just to start with like pet food and supplies such as an air crate for his den and for travel in the family vehicle, a water dish, food dish, leash, collar, toys and of course treats can be costly.  All except the food and treats are a one-time buy but can amount to a considerable expense. Stainless steel food and water dishes are best.  They do not chip or crack therefore they can last the lifetime of the animal.


* Have you planned for the financial responsibility of veterinary care, yearly booster, and rabies shots, plus any emergency visits because of injury or illness?


* Have you discussed with your family who will be the primary caregiver of your new family member.  Children often forget that they have this responsibility when they are away from the house playing.  The dog should not have to suffer because the primary caregiver has forgot him.


* Have you decided who will be responsible to house training the dog? Patience and persistent routines are the best way to accomplish this task.  He will also have to learn what behavior is acceptable in your home. Jumping on the couch or beds is this OK with you?  If not you must teach him with kindness what is and is not allowed.  Do not let a puppy do anything that you would not accept from an adult dog.  Teach him the rules right from the start.  Just remember that much better results come from a loving learning experience than from hitting a dog for bad behavior.  Hitting makes your pet afraid of you and hands in general.  You want your pet to enjoy you putting your hands on him and not to cower when your hand comes near him.


* A dog requires a daily supply of food, water, exercise, attention, and affection. This is a living creature and must not be forgotten because you are too busy or ill. If you are ill or busy you must arrange to have a friend, neighbor or family member come over and take charge of your pet. You must always make some time during each day to lavish attention and love on your pet.


* There is also the daily exercise. If you are lucky enough to have a good fenced in yard, your dog will have the freedom to run and play in complete safety. If not, you will be responsible to take the dog outside on leash to exercise.  You will also be responsible to take him out to do its daily business at least 4 times each and every day, in good weather as well as bad.


* Large dogs live and average of 8 years and smaller breeds can live 12 years and more. This is a long-term commitment.


* Owning a dog can be a very rewarding experience and there is no greater friend you could have.  A dog loves you no matter what you have done or said wrong as long as you love him in return.


Please give this some serious thought before you make a decision with your heart and not your head.